Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Step Away from the Phone...

You see them everywhere. At school, at work, in the mall, in restaurants... driving their cars. Cell Phone Zombies - people who are so engrossed in their cell phone that they've lost touch with reality and the things going on around them. They have become so prevalent that they've gone beyond being a simple annoyance to being a genuine threat to our relationships, our society, and even to our lives.

No one is going to deny that bumping into, or having to swerve to avoid, a person who is staring at their phone instead of paying attention to where they're going is annoying. How many dinners or social events have been spoiled by one party (or even the whole party...) receiving text messages, checking their Facebook profile, or "Having to take this call..."

Then there are friends and family who have completely tuned out. Even at home, people stare at phones instead of talking to their spouses or kids. The increased zombification of our society has lead to many alienated spouses who can't even get the attention of their partner away from the phone long enough to interact.

And then there's driving. Driving and talking on the phone. Driving and texting. One study (I'll provide sources in future blogs) indicates that nearly 25% of all traffic accidents are related to cell phone use, and that texting while driving is six times (yes SIX!!) more deadly than driving while intoxicated. Yet how many times have you looked over at the car next to you and seen a phone attached to a head, or someone staring at their phone? It happens all the time.

My goal in this blog is to try to stave off the Cell Phone Zombie apocalypse before it gets out of hand. A grass roots movement, as it were. I hope that those of you who are fully zombified or well on your way to it can see a little of yourself in the message. If we all just step away from the phone for a minute, we can turn this ship around before it sinks. And really, how many of us would even know it was sinking? We're too busy staring at our phones...


  1. The whole texting and driving infuriates me so much!!

  2. I cannot stand the phone at the dinner table, be it out at a restaurant or at home. There's nothing more rude and inconsiderate than playing with your phone while I'm trying to have dinner with someone.
    I really wish that someone would come out with a way to block all but 911 calls at restaurants. I notice so many couples where one is sitting there bored, sad, alone while the other is giggling and enjoying themselves in cyber phone world.
    Pathetic and sad.